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Please visit  and research the fights you don't know, this will help speed up the raids as well as cut down on time spend explaining. Icc is a tricky place the first couple times in so prepare yourself.
Mgmt  for all your addon needs. for all your need to know information.
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Welcome to <Hobos With Sharpies> We are a mature raiding and training guild currently seeking mature players for entry level raids, Icc 10's, old content and pre-made BG's.  Please fill out an application!

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Raiding Icc

DC2188, Oct 26, 10 12:28 PM.
<Hobos with Sharpies>

        As you all know with the release of patch 4.0.1, you can only defeat each boss from icc once a week, in light of this Mgmt has decided to first make a 25m icc run every Tues,  with a progession of two 10m raids on Thrus.  This will ensure that all players interested in Icc have a chance at gear, marks ect, as well as a decent progression into fights you have less or no exp with

Guild Changes

mumpkin420, Oct 24, 10 11:20 PM.
<Hobo's with Sharpies>

   So i decided to make some changes to the guild including bank permisions, mgmt structure and guild goals. We will be running a fair bit more content including ToC, Ony, VoA, Weekly raids, as well as older BC content. Yedigart will also be putting together premade BG's so you guys can get into some 270 gear.

Billy and Missy have been working on putting together a legendary weapon for the cata achievment and know that we will be putting bounties on guild achievments and perks. Some should fetch a pretty penny ;)

Keep checking the calender for the latest events, it should be getting updated every week!


Icc 10 Group 1

mumpkin420, Aug 30, 10 12:57 PM.
One shot 7/10, i would say we are starting to gel nicely =]

        Acid is officaily pro at kiting oozes and we have no trouble on the mechanics of putricide! Had some attempts and downed blood princes but wasn't able to put progression together to finish up.

Our 10 man group is coming together nicely but we warned that more changes are coming as well as consequences for missing. We understand that RL is more important but the fact that not once have we been able to put together progression is a bit depressing. So please try to be there and ready to raid!

If we can focus and get this group going we WILL start doing hardmodes.


Core 10 Icc Group 1

mumpkin420, Aug 9, 10 11:39 AM.

We have changed our core 10 man to tuesdays and thursdays because we were having trouble picking back up over the weekend and doing progression. Hopefully during the week will be easier for everyone to be on and we can get some good practice on some other bosses.

25 icc has been moved to Wed night, when we are able to fill all 25 slots with guildies we will look at doing a later week progression.

As always raid times are 7st, if your not on by 7:30st then your spot will be pugged. Make sure to check your calenders on your raiders for raid set up and invites.

I apologize to anyone who has been moved to are group 2 or has been cut from core groups, this does not mean you are not wanted or needed but simply that you need more practice, experience or need to work on your gear or spec. Please do not hesitate to talk to any of the officers or mgmt as between us we got an 80 in every class and can point you in the right direction.


Core 10 ICC

joel.knox, Jul 30, 10 11:32 PM.
The core 10 ICC on Thursday went well. We went all the way up to Professor Putricide. One shotting most of the bosses along the way. We had a bit of trouble on Rotface  the but it was all good considering it was Acid's first time off tanking 10 Man ICC. We got a couple of gear drops that were for main spec and off specs.  We had about 5 or 6 Abyss Crystals from the loot nobody needed. We gained a guildy from last nights run. We have a solid guild and and everybody is learning the fights so progression in 10 and 25 mans shouldn't be a problem.

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